Pest Control 101: What You Need to Know

Pest Control 101: What You Need to Know

June 12, 2018

The weather is getting warmer, and for many people, that means more time spent outdoors, summer vacations, a blossoming garden and more. Unfortunately, summer has another association that is far less fun: pests.

While pests may try to invade your home at any point during the winter, bugs in particular are more active and annoying in the summertime, potentially making your yard and home or business a buzzing, stinging nightmare.

Whether outside or inside your home or business, pests can invade and wreak havoc and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Some pests may carry diseases, like animals or mosquitoes, while some are just plain annoying or painful, like wasps or termites. But what is there to do about pests?

Some people try to control pest infestations themselves, while others will need the help of a pest control service in Clinton County, IN. Whether you need professional intervention will largely depend on the type and size of the pest infestation.

When should you call a professional?

You can sometimes prevent pests by practicing good housekeeping measures, like cleaning up food crumbs and keeping the property clean. Other times, pests will make your home or lawn into their space for no reason at all. When faced with a pest problem, consider the following to determine if it’s the right job for a professional:

  • Signs of animals:
    If you notice droppings inside your home or business, a rodent may be living inside and will need to be removed. Getting rid of mice, squirrels and other animals can be difficult and dangerous to do on your own, so you’re better off calling in the pros.
  • Property damage:
    Pests like animals or termites can chew through objects like rugs, as well as parts of your wall, electrical wires and structural beams. If the infestation gets bad enough or goes undetected for too long, your home or commercial building may become dangerous. This is when a pest control service in Clinton County, IN may come in handy.
  • Other methods fail:
    If you’ve tried “green” or store-bought chemical methods and they have not been effective, don’t continue to try failed methods. Call a professional! This situation may occur when trying to rid your property of a large infestation of mosquitoes or wasps outdoors.

How pest control works

When you call a professional pest control service to make an appointment, they may be able to see you the same day or within a few days. They may ask you to provide some information about the infestation, such as what you believe it to be and where it’s located.

On the day of your appointment, the pro will visit your home or business and speak with you again about the pest issue. Then, they will conduct a thorough investigation of your home to identify the pests and come up with the best solution for removal.

Once the pests have been located and identified, treatment can be applied. Treatment will vary depending on the pest and may be done on the same day or scheduled for later, if it is for fumigation.

Once treatment is complete, the pest control professional should give you a detailed report of what was done and provide any additional instructions for your home.

Eradicate pests with the best

Have you found your home or business infested with pests? BCS Landscape Design & Soil Testing is a reliable pest control service in Clinton County, IN, in addition to our landscaping services! We can rid your property of insects, rodents, moles, termites, mosquitoes and more! Call today for a free estimate.

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