Hardscaping in Clinton County, IN

Hardscaping is great for complementing the greenery of your property, while also providing some of the most versatile installations to your landscape. From retaining walls and paver patios to fire pits and simple paths, BCS Landscape Design & Soil Testing offers only the best quality workmanship when it comes to hardscaped elements. Our abilities include:


  • Retaining walls:
    Whether to control soil erosion or just for aesthetic beauty, count on us to create a retaining wall that adds depth and dimension to your property. We build walls of all sizes and take the time to customize the installation so it stands strong for decades to come. Our team has experience building retaining walls in Clinton County, IN for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Paver patios:
    A patio is a wonderful outdoor space with tons of potential. Through pavers, it can be customized in a unique design and style that’s right for your property. Let us lay pavers perfectly to create an alluring outdoor space that’s as versatile as it is beautiful.
  • Paver paths:
    Need a path connecting your patio and gazebo or your back door to your fire pit? Wherever the path takes you, a quality paver path installation is a great addition to your property and can provide both convenience and value. We’re experts when it comes to concrete paver installation in Clinton County, IN!
  • Fire pits:
    Gather around the fire pit on warm summer nights for some of the best memories you’ll ever make! Our fire pits are well-constructed and always built to accommodate your needs. Plus, we build pits that can take the constant abuse and long-term use that comes with a communal fire.
  • Garden walls:
    Garden walls add depth and dimension to your property in a way that illustrated the greenery even better. We construct garden walls in all sizes and styles, making sure they’re well-installed to hold up to shifting soil and the dregs of time.

Have an idea for hardscaping to better accent your lawn and landscape? Contact BCS Landscape Design & Soil Testing today at 765-249-5068 to tell us more about your ideas and let us bring them to life with stunning precision on your property!

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