Softscaping in Clinton County, IN

Healthy trees, bushes and flowers are all hallmarks of a beautiful, eye-catching landscape. These features don’t happen by accident, however! They’re the result of precision softscaping by talented experts. At BCS Landscape Design & Soil Testing, we love planting and tending to greenery, to give your landscape the beautiful charm you demand from it. Our abilities include:


  • Tree Planting:
    Trees need to be carefully planted, braced and cared for in their earliest stages, to ensure they’ll grow strong and beautiful in the years to come. Let us handle your complete tree planting services in Clinton County, IN, so you can reap the benefits of plentiful shade and beautiful greenery in the years to come.
  • Shrub Planting:
    Ground-level shrubs add a lot to the beauty and allure of a landscape. Turn to us for arborvitaes, flowering shrubs, bushes and much more. We’ll help you select the right shrubbery for your unique landscape design and bring it all to life with proper planting and tending.
  • Weed control:
    Nothing wrecks a beautiful landscape faster than untamed weeds and overgrowth! We make weed control in Clinton County, IN a top priority. Our control methods are safe for your landscape and won’t harm your other plants, yet are supremely effective at eliminating week growth and keeping future weeds in-check.
  • Flower Bed Planting:
    Consider yourself a green thumb or want to show off some vibrant color on your landscape? Let us plant a flower bed so you can get to planting and tending! We’ll lay weed barriers and make sure you have bountiful soil, ripe for growing whatever floral arrangement interests you the most.
  • Sodding:
    Throughout the landscaping process your lawn may need a little TLC. When it comes to restoring the lush, verdant appearance that marks a well-kept lawn, choose us for sod installation. We sod to make sure your lawn looks exceptional, even after extensive landscaping work.

Need to enhance the greenery of your landscape or plant new foliage to give it that signature appeal of a lush oasis? Contact BCS Landscape Design & Soil Testing today at 765-249-5068 and let us put our softscaping talents to work for the benefit of your property.

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