Soil Testing in Clinton County, IN

php scale graphicThe more you know about your soil, the better you can tend to your landscape and property to make sure it remains healthy and beautiful. It all starts with soil testing in Clinton County, IN. At BCS Landscape Design & Soil Testing, we specialize in soil testing and can tell you everything you need to know about your soil.

Our goal is to give you the insight you need to properly tend to your property.

Percolation Testing

Perc testing determines the water saturation levels of your soil, to determine everything from how stable it is, to the absorption rate of the soil itself. It’s useful for understanding a wide variety of things, such as the potential for erosion or flooding. We use perc testing to help property owners identify where greenery may be best planted or where hardscaping can help to mitigate erosion problems.

Soil Composition Testing

One of the mainstays of our soil testing service in Clinton County, IN is composition testing. This type of testing will tell us everything we need to know about what makes up your soil. We can tell you if there’s more clay or igneous soil, or if it has an excess of sand or loam. We pair composition testing results with plants that are optimal for growing in that type of soil, helping you achieve the best possible landscape appeal.

Nutrient Testing

Nutrient-rich soil is great for growing certain types of greenery. Likewise, soil lacking in vital nutrients can pose a major barrier when it comes to creating the landscape of your dreams. We can then recommend the right course of action—such as fertilization or nitrate treatments. The goal is to understand where soil imbalances exist and how to remedy them to give your landscape the best foundation for growth.

Want to learn more about the composition of your soil and how it might be treated for optimal landscaping results? Contact BCS Landscape Design & Soil Testing today at 765-249-5068 for information about testing.

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